Ethel Valle

Office Manager


After graduating from high school, Ethel began working in a law firm while taking classes at LACC, and worked her way up from receptionist to office manager-litigation specialist. Ethel takes great pride in her work, is self-motivated, and has a high standard of work ethic.

Ethel joined this firm in 1990, and after 32 years together, she is considered part of our family. Prior to joining the Tabone law firm, Ethel worked for two other major law firms in the mid-Wilshire area.

Ethel supports the law firm as a pre-litigation and litigation paralegal, as well as an office manager. She is responsible for the day-to-day handling of cases, including proficiently opening a claim with an insurance company, property damage assistance, policy limits assertions, guiding the client through their treatment process, maintaining an open communication channel with the clients, and ensuring they get the treatment they require.

Ethel handles disbursements, processing health insurance, medical liens and overall pre-litigation production. She gathers and reviews all medical records, and bills and creates a demand for the Attorney’s review, to ready the firm for the negotiations and settlement process. She is also responsible for preparing and filing lawsuits, handling the service of process, assisting with the discovery stages, preparation for trials, and appeals in both the state and federal stages. She handles civil, criminal, business, contracts, company formations, and litigation defense. Ethel handles the majority of the firm’s litigation as well as the most complicated and high-profile cases because of her great organizational skills, focus, and attention to detail.

She handles the firm’s main calendar to ensure all appearances are covered and is responsible for handling the everyday business dealing for the business. Ethel is also fluent in Spanish and usually translates for the clients whenever the need arises, but her biggest asset is her professionalism and communication skills with the clients who have nothing but great things to say about her demeanor, understanding and compassion.

Ethel has been married for over 31 years and has two children, a daughter and son. Her daughter is in medical school at Keck Medical (USC), and her son is in college in the process of hopefully becoming a police officer.

Ethel and her husband enjoy traveling and experiencing other cultures. They have been to much of Europe, Asia, Central America and parts of the South Pacific Region. Ethel is a Christian woman who loves sharing her faith and demonstrates it by working hard and doing her best work for our clients.